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Sha’ab Malahi Reef

Malahi Dive Site: A Hidden Gem in the South Red Sea Dive Sites
Sha'ab Malahi Reef

Malahi is a popular dive site located 810 meters east of Small Shaab Satayah. This formation consists of a main reef to the north and ten large coral towers standing close to each other to the south. Divers can explore the reef complex and enjoy the abundant marine life that inhabits the area. In this article, we will look closer at the diving opportunities and marine life present at Malahi.

Diving in Sha'ab Malahi or Shaab Malahi

Sha’ab Malahi offers little shelter from the elements, so it can only be approached in good conditions. During such times, the site becomes well-frequented, with only a few moorings preventing many divers from entering the water. The seabed and reef walls are abundantly covered with many kinds of corals, and the coral towers to the south form a vast labyrinth of passages, overhangs, and niches. Some courses may be narrow, but divers will have enough space in most places. The surface is always easy to reach, making it an excellent site for divers of all skill levels.

Marine Life in Sha'ab Malahi

Malahi is teeming with marine life, including various fish species, such as clownfish, barracudas, and groupers. Divers can also encounter sea turtles, dolphins, and reef sharks. The coral formations provide habitats for many marine creatures, including crustaceans, mollusks, and colorful nudibranchs. Exploring the reef can lead to some genuinely awe-inspiring underwater sights.

Liveaboard trips to Malahi Dive site

Since the moorings are unsheltered from the wind and waves, no boats stay overnight at Malahi. However, there are liveaboard trips that allow divers to explore multiple diving sites in the area. These trips often provide opportunities for night dives and exploring the abundant marine life that inhabits the Red Sea.


Malahi Dive Site is a must-visit diving site for any diving enthusiast. The complex reef system and abundant marine life provide all divers with a unique and awe-inspiring experience. Whether a beginner or an experienced diver, you will enjoy exploring this underwater wonderland’s coral towers, passages, and overhangs.

Where is Malahi Dive site?

Malahi Dive Site is located at the south-eastern tip of the Fury Shoal Reefs.

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