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Satayah Reef

Shaab Satayah, also known as the Dolphin Reef is located at the south-eastern tip of the Fury Shoal diving area off Marsa Alam. This horseshoe shaped reef has been aptly named after the friendly mammals that can be spotted regularly on site.
Satayah Reef

Sha'ab Satayah or Satayah Dolphin House

Sha’ab Satayah, also known as Dolphin Reef, is a popular diving site located at the southeastern end of the Fury Shoal diving area off the coast of Marsa Alam in Egypt. It is known for its friendly dolphins and diverse marine life, making it a must-visit destination for diving enthusiasts.

History of Shaab Satayah

There is no recorded history for Sha’ab Satayah as it is a natural coral reef formed over thousands of years. The reef has always been home to various marine life, including the playful dolphins that have made it a famous destination among divers.

Diving in Sha'ab Satayah

Sha’ab Satayah is a horseshoe-shaped reef that offers both beginners and experienced divers diverse diving opportunities. The site is accessible by boat from Marsa Alam, and its calm and clear waters also make it perfect for snorkeling.

The reef has a maximum depth of around 40 meters, with most diving activities between 4 and 20 meters. The water temperature is pleasant throughout the year, ranging from 22 to 30 degrees Celsius, with the best time to visit from March to May and from September to November.

The diving conditions at Sha’ab Satayah are generally mild, with occasionally strong currents around the reef’s outer edges. The reef’s unique shape and shallow waters make it easy to navigate, and the dive sites are suitable for all levels of divers.

Marine Life at Satayah Dive site

Sha’ab Satayah is known for its diverse and abundant marine life. The reef is home to various fish species, including whitetips, fusiliers, Spanish dancers, and parrotfish. The playful and friendly spinner dolphins are the site’s main attraction, and it’s not uncommon to spot them swimming and interacting with divers during the dives.

The coral formations at Sha’ab Satayah are also impressive, with large and colorful hard and soft corals covering the reef’s walls and pillars. The site’s unique topography, with canyons, swim-throughs, and caves, offers a fascinating underwater adventure to divers.

Liveaboard trips to Satayah Dolphin House

Sha’ab Satayah is a popular destination among liveaboard Red Sea dive safaris. The site is often included in diving itineraries, and many liveaboard trips offer multiple dives. Liveaboard trips are an excellent way to explore the region’s diving sites, including Sha’ab Satayah, and offer a more immersive diving experience.


Sha’ab Satayah, also known as Dolphin House, is a must-visit destination for diving enthusiasts. The site’s unique shape, diverse marine life, and friendly dolphins make it an exciting and memorable diving experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, Sha’ab Satayah offers something for everyone, and it’s worth adding to your diving bucket list.

Where is Satayah Dolphin House

Satayah Dive Site is located at the south-eastern tip of the Fury Shoals Reefs.


to Satayah Dolphin House
  • Included

    ● 2 Meals & soft drinks
    ● snorkeling Gear
    ● snorkeling Guide

  • Exclude

    ● Phone with Dolphin


per person

(BCD, Fins, Mask, Suit, Regulator, Octopus, Instruments)
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