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El-Mina Wreck

The El Mina wreck near Hurghada has turned into a great aquatic habitat for glassfish, hunted by lionfish and jackfish. Excellent photo opportunities, sloping from 25 meters under the bow to 32 meters at the stern.
El-Mina Wreck

The El-Mina Wreck is a popular dive site in the Hurghada area of Egypt. This fascinating wreck dive offers divers a unique glimpse into the history and a chance to explore an underwater wonderland filled with colorful marine life.

History of El-Mina Wreck "El Minya"

The El-Mina was a Lebanese freighter that sank in 1970 after hitting a reef. The ship was carrying lentil cargo en route from Syria to Sudan. The crew could escape unharmed, but the boat sank to the Red Sea’s bottom. Today, the wreck sits upright on the sandy bottom at a depth of around 25 meters, making it an ideal dive site for advanced divers.

Diving in El-Mina Wreck

Diving the El-Mina Wreck is a thrilling experience that allows divers to explore the ship’s cargo holds, engine room, and bridge. The ship’s structure remains intact, and divers can swim through the various compartments and corridors to explore the wreck’s hidden treasures. The wreck is home to diverse marine life, including schools of glassfish, barracudas, and lionfish. The sandy bottom surrounding the wreck is also home to several stingrays, crocodile fish, and moray eels.

Liveaboard trips to El-Mina Wreck

The El-Mina Wreck is a popular dive site that can be visited during a liveaboard trip. These multi-day trips allow divers to explore some of the Red Sea’s most popular dive sites, including the El-Mina and nearby Hassabala Fishing Boat wreck. Liveaboard trips typically depart from Hurghada and visit various northern and southern Red Sea dive sites.


The El-Mina Wreck is a must-see dive site for experienced divers visiting the Hurghada area. With its fascinating history and abundant marine life, the El-Mina offers a unique underwater adventure that will delight divers of all levels. Whether you visit the site as part of a liveaboard trip or on a day trip from shore, the El-Mina is a dive site that should be noticed.

Where is El-Mina Wreck

El Mina wreck is located just east of Hurghada. It is approximately 20 minutes away from the Hurghada Marine Port by boat. The exact GPS coordinates of the wreck are 27.2167° N, and 33.8179° E.

  • Only a minute from the marina, and sitting in 28m, this military wreck is worth a visit. Lying on its starboard side short penetration is possible with the right experience and guide. Usually a strong current as you descend,so those with less experience should go down the rope. Nearby is a fishing boat which is
  • Two wrecks quite close to each other. You can see many lion fish.
  • Depth: 17-32m Location: Around 10 mins from central winches and cable rolls, and torpedo-like Hurghada mine sweeping devices that seem ready to Conditions: Sometimes strong current and be assembled and put into use. Looking poor visibility due to the location just outside through the portholes and hatches you can the harbour. Some experience required for
  • impressive wreck

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