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Surface Marker Buoy

If you're planning a diving trip in the Red Sea or other open seas, it's important to have the proper safety equipment on hand. One of the most important pieces of equipment to bring with you is a surface marker buoy (SMB).
Surface Marker Buoy

An SMB is a safety device used by divers to mark their location on the water’s surface. It’s an inflatable buoy that can be deployed from underwater to signal your position to the boat or other divers.

Why is an SMB important in the Red Sea and other open seas? For one, the current in these waters can be quite strong, and it’s easy to get separated from the boat or other divers. If this happens, you want to be able to signal your location so that the boat can find you. Additionally, an SMB can help you maintain your position during your safety stop, which is a critical part of every dive.

Surface Marker Buoy SMB

When diving in the Red Sea or other open seas, it’s important to have an SMB that is easy to deploy and highly visible. You want something that will catch the boat crew’s or other divers’ attention quickly and easily. Egypt liveaboard recommend that each diver bring their own SMB so everyone has the equipment they need to stay safe and signal their location.

Surface Marker Buoy -SMB

If you’re planning a dive in the Red Sea or other open seas, invest in a good quality SMB. Look for something easy to deploy, highly visible, and durable. You’ll also want to ensure that you know how to use it properly so that you can deploy it quickly and efficiently in an emergency.

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