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Shark & Yolanda Reef

Shark and Yolanda Reef is a world-renowned dive site located in the Ras Mohammed Marine Park in Egypt. Rated as one of the top ten dives in the world, it boasts stunning topography and a diverse range of marine life, making it a popular choice among divers.
Shark & Yolanda Reef

Diving in Shark and Yolanda Reef

Dive at Shark and Yolanda Reef is a drift dive that starts at Shark Reef and ends at Yolanda Reef. Divers are advised to enter the water quickly to avoid drifting on the surface and missing the spectacular wall that drops to 800 meters or more.

The dive is a breathtaking and dramatic experience, with the current taking you around the connecting reef between the two vast pinnacles. You may encounter snappers, batfish, barracuda, and other colorful fish, especially during the mass gathering of fish in the July/August peak.

The currents at Shark and Yolanda Reef can turn in unexpected directions, making it a roller coaster ride of adrenaline and excitement. However, with a professional dive guide and proper equipment, divers can exsafely experience this thrilling dive site.

Marine Life at Shark & Yolanda Reef

Marine life at Shark and Yolanda Reef is one of the primary reasons divers flock to this site. The coral formations are home to diverse species, including pelagic fish, turtles, and reef sharks.

The dive site is known for mass gathering fish during the July/August peak. Divers can expect to encounter schools of snappers, batfish, barracuda, and other fish species, creating a “fish soup” effect in the water.

Liveaboard trips to Shark and Yolanda Reef

Liveaboard trips to Shark and Yolanda Reef are a popular way to experience this world-class dive site. These trips usually last three to seven days, with most operators offering multiple dives daily.

The best time to visit Shark and Yolanda Reef is between May and September when the water temperature is warmer and marine life is more active. However, the site is open year-round for diving.

Divers should ensure they have the appropriate certification and equipment to dive at Shark and Yolanda Reef. A reputable dive operator will provide detailed information on what’s needed and offer any necessary training.


Shark and Yolanda Reef is a unique and unforgettable dive site that offers an unparalleled experience for divers. With its stunning topography, diverse marine life, and thrilling currents, it’s no wonder why this site is rated as one of the top ten dives in the world.

Shark and Yolanda Reef should be on your bucket list if you’re a diving enthusiast. With liveaboard trips available and a range of marine life to discover, this dive site promises to be an adventure of a lifetime.

Where is Shark and Yolanda Reef

Shark and Yolanda Reef is located in Ras Mohamed Marine Park in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. It is situated in the Red Sea, about 20 kilometers southwest of Sharm El-Sheikh.

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