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Sea turtles play an essential role to keep the Red Sea healthy and full of life.
Red Sea Turtles

These marine reptiles spend all their lives at sea, briefly coming ashore on ancient breeding beaches to lay their eggs every few years after they reach maturity. They are members of the Cheloniidae. All marine turtles are on the Red List of the IUCN (International Union of Conservation in Nature). Their nesting beaches on the Sinai have all but gone due to coastal development, and much of the waste products in the sea are ingested accidentally.

loggerhead Trutle

Loggerhead trutle

Length: 90 to 270  CM  |  3-9 Feet

However, it is known to feed on jellyfish, bottom-dwelling invertebrates, leathery corals, and sponges. Has powerful jaws and a smooth shell with five raised scutes or scales down the center line of its back. Also pantropical.

Hawksbill turtle

hawksbill sea turtle

Length: up to 1 Meter |  (40in)

Easier to identify with two pairs of scales between the eyes and a more hooked beak. Shell plates are more defined and may have a Saw-like outer edge. Feeds predominantly on sponges, Jellyfish, and leathery corals. They are considered Critically Endangered by the IUCN. Pantropical and equally at home in the Caribbean.

Green trutle

Green trutle

Length: 1.5  Meter  |  5 Feet

Identifiable by having one pair of scales between the eyes and a smooth, rounded shell, one of the largest of the marine turtles found in the Red Sea and very common in the Marsa Alam area, where is shares its seagrass feeding grounds with Dugong.

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