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Sha’ab Mahmoudat

Sha'ab Mahmoud is a beautiful diving location that offers an exciting underwater experience. Located three miles west of Ras Mohamed, this site is well known for its series of coral pinnacles that extend east-west for about 1.5 miles. The area is sheltered, making it an ideal location for diving even when conditions in the open sea are not favorable.
Sha’ab Mahmoudat

Diving in Sha'ab Mahmoudat or "Shaab Mahmoudat"

Sha’ab Mahmoudat is abundant and diverse, making it an exciting dive location for divers of all levels. Divers can expect to see numerous coral genera, large groupers, Bluespotted stingrays, squids, nudibranchs, and even Leopard sharks. However, the visibility can be greatly influenced by tidal currents, which can make it poor when the current comes from the south, especially if accompanied by wind and waves. On the other hand, when the sea is calm, divers can enjoy a bustling underwater world filled with vibrant marine life.

What to See in Sha'ab Mahmoudat

Sha’ab Mahmoudat offers an incredible range of dive sites. One of the most famous dive sites is the wreck of the British merchant ship Dunraven, which sank in 1876. The ship lies upside down at a depth of 15-30 meters and is a classic site for scuba divers. The cargo bales were lost during the shipwreck when the ship caught fire, making the wreck look like a large, practically empty cave. Divers can access the wreck through the three main openings at the stern, center, and bow. The hull is populated by large groupers, lionfish, glassfish, and multicolored Alcyonarians.

Liveaboard trips to Sha'ab Mahmoudat

Sha’ab Mahmoudat is a popular dive site that can be accessed via liveaboard trips. These trips allow divers to explore the underwater world of Sha’ab Mahmoud and other dive sites in the area. Liveaboard trips typically range from three to seven days and offer a comfortable and convenient way to dive at this location.


Sha’ab Mahmoud is a must-visit destination for divers of all levels. With its abundance of marine life and exciting dive sites, this location offers a unique and unforgettable diving experience. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a beginner, Sha’ab Mahmoud is an excellent destination that offers something for everyone. So pack your bags, grab your dive gear, and get ready to explore the underwater world of Sha’ab Mahmoud.

Where is Sha'ab Mahmoudat

Sha’ab Mahmoudat is located in the Red Sea, off the coast of Egypt. It is situated about three miles west of Ras Mohamed, which is a national park in Egypt known for its diverse marine life and stunning coral reefs.

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